About me

My story starts from an inner feeling. The refusal of being mortal. Since I was a little child, I felt that I was made for something and that I have a role to play in this world. It was a strange feeling of refusal to be just a passenger. What is my purpose, and what impact will I be making? Believe me, I  still don’t know! This strong feeling never died through the years. I am relentlessly working to build my skills, contribute to my surrounding, and discover myself. I am determined to write my own story and to remain true to myself, despite social norms and expectations. But, it is easier said than done, right? The last couple of years were hard due to Covid, and the economic recession. I saw myself losing and struggling to live the life that I want. Definitely, The situation affected my mental health, but I turned to what I know best, problem-solving. This method helped me to overcome many personal, professional, and emotional hurdles. While looking around and seeing all the things that are happening in the world, I am sure that many young people are also on the hustle. Therefore, I decided to build that blog. A platform for all go-getter that are hustling through life to share their problem-solving milestones, and make their impact into other peoples life. In addition, I believe in the power of a like-minded crowd; thats why I am hoping to create a strong community of people eager for success.

Our Strategy

Problem-Solving is a method used by business leaders and consultants to solve complex business problems. This method aims to identify problems and discover their root cause in order to develop effective solutions. It encourages action taking as it clarifies the problem which makes it easier to tackle.

Problem-Solving Workflow

Our Successful Traits

On September 15, 2020, McKinsey & Company identified 6 mindsets to succeed in problem-solving during an uncertain time.

  1. Curiosity: Keeping your curious inner child alive. This four-year-old self wants to understand the WHY behind everything
  2. Tolerate ambiguity and remain humble: Problem-solving is all about trial and error. Therefore, a person needs to proceed with small steps despite uncertainty. Things will unfold along the way.
  3. Have a dragonfly-eye view: Ability to view the problem from different lenses or to have a 360 view.
  4. Pursue occurrent behaviour: Root causes of complex problems can’t be easily seen; therefore, a problem-solver should create data not only use what he already has. In another word, look beyond the surface.
  5. Tap into the collective intelligence and the wisdom of the crowd: crowdsourcing from experienced people will open your eyes to new solutions or perspectives.
  6. Show and tell to drive actions: The show and tell engages the audience with your problem and pushes you to make a decision
If I want to add one more trait, I would say structure: the ability to organize your thought and link the dots so you can come up with a fully rounded and reasonable conclusion.    

Our Life Framework