Pillars Explanation

Our Health is our engine. If the engine is not working properly, the car won’t run at full speed or stop running. Taking care of this engine should be a priority. Health englobes two areas: Mental Health and Physical Health. Both of them are essential to perform at our best. Being stuck in our traumas or fears will affect our relationships, professional careers and perception of ourselves. It might also lead us to a deep dark place. As for our physical health, everyone knows how disease or illness can cause us pain, tiredness and more, starting from a simple flu to more serious cases.  
Our skills are the tools that will allow us to contribute to society, and they are the reason behind our income. They come as soft or technical. Technical skills are related to our professional training or our education. Soft skills are harder to teach, but they are the most valuable as they play an essential role in every aspect of our life. This type of skill is related to our personality. They might be innate, but they can also be developed with dedication. For a happier life, we need to work on both types of skills to increase our standard of living.
We don’t live and can’t survive alone. We are part of a community. Some of this community are super close to us, support and love us. Others’ presence brings us joy, and others help us grow. Relationships and connections are the most valuable investment that people can gift themselves. Therefore, each one of us should cherish, respect and build healthy connections that contribute to our growth. 
Our purpose is our fuel, so it is the reason behind us jumping out of bed every day. Our purpose comes from our beliefs and passion. At an early age, some people don't know their purpose, yet. That is fine! As long as we believe that we have one and we are setting mini-goals to grow and find it along the way. Your purpose should be something that you are passionate about, and you can’t imagine yourself compromising. It might be a cause, a dream, or an idea. Your passion will keep you going no matter what comes in your way.


To simplify the interaction between those 4 pillars, I would say our health is the foundation, and our purpose is our destination. To reach our purpose, we need a network and skills.