“The future belongs to those who build more skills and combine them in a creative way” 

Our skills are the tools that will allow us to contribute to society, and they are the reason behind our income. They come as soft or technical. We focus on developing them throughout our lives and tailor them based on our purpose. Since childhood, our parents ensure our education to secure our future. We are brought up knowing that acquiring those competencies will guarantee our career, stability and finances. After our educations, we leverage our knowledge to our professional advantage to gain a promotion or an opportunity. 


Technical Skills

Technical Skills are developed through education. We can acquire them via university, courses, technical colleges or internship. They are always taught by a specialist. They define our profession and our professional title such as doctor, engineers, analysts, plumber… 

Professional organizations and charters are developed to ensure the continuous development of the profession,  regulate it and protect their members such as the order of pharmacist, the order of doctors and the bar for lawyers.

Topic under this category might include financial literacy, data tools and softwares, investment and management strategies.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are harder to teach, but they are the most valuable as they play an essential role in every aspect of our life. They are influenced by our personality and define our relationships. In the contrary to its technical counterpart, it can’t be directly taught by a specialist as it relies heavily on self-development. 

Topics under this category might include negotiation, effective communication, active listening and leadership.