“Your network is your net worth”  – Porter Gale

We don’t live and can’t survive alone. We are part of a community. Some of the people around us are close, and they genuinely care about us. Others’ presence brings us joy or helps us grow. Relationships and connections are the most valuable investment that people can gift themselves. Therefore, we should cherish, respect and build healthy connections that contribute to our growth. 

Being good at networking is a skill that can be developed regardless your introverted or extroverted character. It is an ongoing learning curve of understanding other’s need, and ours. Building a community can’t be created overnight. It needs patience, authenticity, compassion and vulnerability. Therefore, “Networking is more about farming than it is about hunting”

Inner Circle

Our inner Circle is made of the people we love most. They are part of our life and with whom we share the good and the bad. Our inner circle might include our Partner, Best Friends, Children, Parents, and Siblings. 

Post under this category will discuss topics such as dating, marriage, relationships, and parenting.

Outer Circle

Our Outer circle support us in our professional life. It includes any person that exist in our life such as a boss, supplier, investor, mentor, coworkers, clients, and even the people we met at events. The outer circle does directly interfere in our personal lives, but it plays a role in shaping it. 

Post under this category will discuss topics such as building a business network, managing our work environment, socializing and client satisfaction and many more.