List 2: Here are 4 Interesting Books to Read

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Welcome to round 2 of books recommendation. In my first round, I recommended books that are more philosophical or related to personal and mental perspectives. This round will target business books 😉 Books that will provide business/financial insights or tips to develop better business strategies. Are you in for this round!! 🥁 🥁 Book #1: …

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Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

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Are you looking to grow your professional network or drive recruiters to you! LinkedIn is one of the most used professional platform. Do you know that recruiters spend around 80% of their time hunting for talents on LinkedIn. In addition, it is easy to reach anyone from alumni to employees at a certain company with few clicks. To maximize the power of this platform, Today’s topic will be concentrating on improving your LinkedIn profile. I will be sharing some tips that I acquired from my research online and from recruiters.

First Date- Will The Light be Ignited?

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The topic of this post is more chill yet spicy. All of us seek love; therefore, dates are inevitable. First dates can be so stressful, but they are the first step toward building a meaningful connection. What are my do’s and don’t on first dates? Yup, I will be talking about my personal preferences. What about you? What ignites or turns off your heart during a first date? Do you share with me some of my preferences?

What To Rely on The Intuition Or Selected Historical Evidences?

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We all find our self in a situation in which a decision is needed. In those moments what should we follow: the gut or data? Is there one reliable answer? What are the risks and limitation of each method! Will data allow us to predict the future accurately?
In this post we will discuss intuition vs data. What do you rely on the most whenever you make decisions?

Patterns- The Drive Behind our Autopilot Behavior


Do you know that part of our behaviour is on autopilot? From childhood, we start accumulating patterns such as brushing our teeth every morning or doing 10 minutes of meditation after waking up. Those patterns are accumulated from our experiences, learnings and culture. Not all those patterns are routine, day-to-day actions, some of them fall …

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Sexual Health In A World Of Uneven Woman Right

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Last week from 12 – 18 of September was Sexual Health and Wellness week. Marking the end of this week, I would like to reflect on the woman’s empowerment and sexual well-being relationship. Therefore, I would like to start with the first great milestone that marked the freedom of women in 1950: The Pill. Giving …

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How to Build Your Social Network-New Environment

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Have you ever relocated to a place where you don’t know anyone? Do you feel alone and would like to increase your social network? I hear you and this post is directed to you. As a Lebanese who lived in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, it was crucial for me to put myself out …

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