10 Myths That Will Surprise You

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Haven’t you grown up believing in something to end up realizing that it was wrong all along? I believe we all felt this at some point. If you haven’t, I promise, you will join the club by the end of this post. In this post, I will shed the light on10 myths that I fell for at some point in my life.

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1- Eating Breakfast will make you lose weight/ Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Breakfast is like any other meal of the day. Eating a well-balanced breakfast will fill your stomach and make you less vulnerable to binge eating. The same applies to any meal of the day. Some people perform intermittent fasting so they delay their breakfast and others don’t feel like eating in the morning and it’s okay as long as they maintain balanced nutrition.

2- Eating at night will make you gain weight

This is one of the myths that many people, I know, believe in. Calories are calories, if you snack a lot after your meal, you will end up gaining weight. This myth started after the observation of people tending to snack a lot after their dinner at night. Getting a well-balanced dinner and avoiding late-night snaking is healthy. As late night snaking affects your sleep and might lead to unhealthy cravings the next day.

3- Cut Carbs to lose weight

That’s a very general statement that might overshadow the good carbs. Definitely cutting condensed and sugary carbs such as cakes, cookies and candies which are low in vitamins is a healthy behaviour that will lead to weight loss. On the other side, there is a healthy and good sources of carbs that should be consumed with balance such as fruits and grains. Those carbs are rich in nutrients and vitamins.

4- Organic food doesn’t have pesticide

That was shocking news to me as I am a great fund of organic products and health. It turns out organic food isn’t pesticides free. Farmers that grow organic products may use naturally derived chemicals. There is no scientific evidence that organic products have a significant health benefit compared to conventional products.

5- Sugar makes children hyperactive

I heard several times parents mentioning that they don’t want their children to eat sugar to prevent hyperactivity. That old belief isn’t right. Numerous scientific studies failed to find a link between sugar and hyperactivity.

6- Chocolate increases acne

I had a friend that was very conscious about eating cheese or chocolate to prevent acne. An experiment was made on a dozen of people who were fed dense chocolate for one month. After this experiment, scientists didn’t find any correlation between chocolate and fatty food with acne.


7- If you pull out a grey hair, several will grow

I got my first white hair in my early twenties. Yup, too early!! I was frightened to touch those couple of white hair as I was expecting revenge from the white hair community. To the people who fear a white-hair attack after the murder of one of them, don’t worry! they are peaceful.

8- Sunscreens with ultra-high SPF ratings provide better protection

I learned that is a myth while writing this post!! To protect my skin, I always rely on a high SPF rating sunscreen the higher the better. It turns out that there are types of UVs: UVA and UVB. UVB causes sunburn and the sunscreen covers them. UVA is responsible for skin damage, but sunscreen doesn’t protect against them. People should choose sunscreen with SPF between 15 and 50. FDA mentioned that a sunscreen with an SPF greater than 50 is “inherently misleading”

Fun Beliefs when I was a child

9 – Without oxygen, our blood turns blue!!
heart, anatomy, circulatory-2561958.jpg
Vascular Circulation

Do you remember our biology school books teaching us about blood circulation? They use to explain that the red blood which is rich in nutrients and oxygen goes from our heart to our organs. The blue blood leaves the organ to the lungs to gain oxygen. During my childhood, I was a strong believer in the school’s credibility to the point that I believed that our blood has 2 colours depending on the oxygen level.

10- Tampon loses woman’s virginity

Not that of a child myth, but shockingly one that is still in debate. Let’s disregard the virginity topic that hit me on my nerves, when I was a young girl, I was warned by elder women not to use tampons as it will make me lose my virginity. Weirdly, those women were married and have kids. As a response, I would say that my sympathy goes to any male whose size is similar to a tampon! They are living a real struggle.

We are living among many myths that use to be common sense. Did I shake your world by revealing one of those myths? Do you want to share with us a myth that surprised you once revealed?


5 thoughts on “10 Myths That Will Surprise You”

  1. The breakfast one bugs me so much. I stopped eating breakfast during college days (never had time since my college was an hour’s bus ride away and first class was at 8:30AM – argh). I do eat breakfast some time while travelling but overall I just like having coffee and eating lunch straight. But the number of lectures I’ve gotten about it – uffff.

    I think the night eating is discouraged cause most people tend to binge more at night – me included. 🙁 But yeah, it won’t make you gain weight!!! Also a lot of these weight loss myths are so generalized without taking into consideration metabolism that varies from person to person. I literally have this friend who eats double of what I eat and is half my size (which isn’t great for her either).

    So sunscreens do protect from UVA – they have a PA rating – higher the pluses – better the protection. The sunscreen I use is PA++++ which means extremely high UVA protection. I am a skincare nerd. (https://www.paulaschoice.com/expert-advice/skincare-advice/sunscreen/what-does-pa-sunscreen-symbol-mean.html)

    My mother didn’t let my sister and I ever use tampons cause of this belief (an unmarried woman’s virginity holds A LOT of importance in India. argh).

    1. Indeed, nutrition cliches are too generic! They don’t take into consideration the quality of food, body type or health situation!

      Thanks for the skincare advice link, I will take a look at it! I still need to work more on myself in this department.

      hahaha, in lebanon too, Virginity is super important for unmarried women. Some people link virginity to the women’s honor 😵‍💫🤬

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