Our Health is our engine. If the engine is not working properly, the car won’t run at full speed or stop running. Taking care of this engine should be a priority. Health englobes two areas: Mental Health and Physical Health. Both of them are essential to perform at our best. Being stuck in our traumas or fears will affect our relationships, professional careers and perception of ourselves. It might also lead us to a deep dark place. As for our physical health, everyone knows how disease or illness can cause us pain, tiredness and more, starting from simple flu to more serious cases.  

Patterns- The Drive Behind our Autopilot Behavior


Do you know that part of our behaviour is on autopilot? From childhood, we start accumulating patterns such as brushing our teeth every morning or doing 10 minutes of meditation after waking up. Those patterns are accumulated from our experiences, learnings and culture. Not all those patterns are routine, day-to-day actions, some of them fall

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Sexual Health In A World Of Uneven Woman Right

sex toys on a glass table

Last week from 12 – 18 of September was Sexual Health and Wellness week. Marking the end of this week, I would like to reflect on the woman’s empowerment and sexual well-being relationship. Therefore, I would like to start with the first great milestone that marked the freedom of women in 1950: The Pill. Giving

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