Our skills are the tools that will allow us to contribute to society, and they are the reason behind our income. They come as soft or technical. Technical skills are related to our professional training or our education. Soft skills are harder to teach, but they are the most valuable as they play an essential role in every aspect of our life. This type of skill is related to our personality. They might be innate, but they can also be developed with dedication. For a happier life, we need to work on both types of skills to increase our standard of living.

Financial Freedom – Secure a Stable Future

gold coins beside a tablet

Let’s talk money! Who doesn’t want to have stability and financial freedom? Who doesn’t seek independence in life and have the means to do anything they want? I personally started to focus on learning and reading about money around a year ago. As we all know, building our financial stability is never an overnight success. …

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