We don’t live and can’t survive alone. We are part of a community. Some of this community are super close to us, support and love us. Others’ presence brings us joy, and others help us grow. Relationships and connections are the most valuable investment that people can gift themselves. Therefore, each one of us should cherish, respect and build healthy connections that contribute to our growth.

How to Build Your Social Network-New Environment

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Have you ever relocated to a place where you don’t know anyone? Do you feel alone and would like to increase your social network? I hear you and this post is directed to you. As a Lebanese who lived in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, it was crucial for me to put myself out …

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Building a Professional Network

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Whether you are a university student, mid-level worker or a business owner, everyone needs a professional supporting system! This is our safety cushion to land opportunities and grow. From students to senior employees, networking is the most effective way to land a job opportunity. As for business owners, who are eager to expand their customer …

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